Welcome to the wacky world of my Lost Songs. 

There is Light & Sound everywhere...
For those of you with eyes - Let them See
For those of you with ears - Let them Hear

These are my Lost Sounds. 
Forgotten Colours.
Rumor has it that once they lived a life so short...

It was over - as soon as it began.

Life imitates Art...

Listen or Watch if it please you.
The sounds might amuse you.
It doesn't really matter.

Give us the Cloud Drive in your head.
Perhaps we can find each other somewhere between the Spirit World and the cash machines in Sub Prime Loans.
Were all lost in space derivatives.
Where everything analog is a distant memory.
Digital is just 'still' pictures spinning 'round.
A Universe of Selfies.

What is...?
What was...?
What shall be...?

Time to Re-Member

Time to Die


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